Ship Management

The Ship Management industry faces many challenges today, forcing businesses to look for alternative ways to lower operational costs and improve supply chain efficiency. With continued globalization, there is a demand for increased flexibility that requires new levels of control.

PearlChain is a leading global provider of a fully comprehensive solution that ihas a fully integrated Ship Management software solution available.


Ship Management Challenges

  • Maintenance of LPG and LNG ships can be tricky and dangerous if not done following the proper maintenance guidelines
  • Documentation and communication onshore and on ship have to be in line and up to date
  • Crew members have different skills, preferences and tasks to fulfill. When composing a crew, the right skills have to be aligned.
  • On board supplies and repair tools have to be ready at dock in different countries. This should be manageable in one application


Critical Success factors

  • Availability of collaborative, integrated real-time planning and scheduling
  • Possibility to interchange data online
  • Maintenance job planning taking finite capacities and constraints of resources (machine, crew memebers) into account
  • The PearlChain Solution addresses the variable nature of the business, freeing up resource to focus on managing and planning activities instead of reacting to unforeseen events.


Achieved Results with PearlChain

  • Replication of data whenever ship is connected to the internet, assuring the most up to date data both onshore and on board
  • Integration of all existing business processes into one software application
  • Document Management system allowing for report and dashboard for data analysis
  • Maintenance system that uses real-time machine data to preventively plan maintenance orders for on board crew members with appropriate skills / authorizations



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