Sell 2 Service

In our Sell 2 Service solution, PearlChain makes sure that what the client wants is matched with what your company is capable to promise.

In PearlChain's front-end CPQ solution, product or services are configured, offers are made and a final contract is signed. It offers a robust and flexible user experience that allows your sales team to easily configure and price complex solutions based on real-time capable-to-promise (CTP) metrics. 

Most Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions stop once the contract is signed, but, for many companies, what happens after the sale will determine whether or not a customer relationship is profitable. 

With PearlChain the accuracy and availability of critical contract and entitlement information is ensured with real‐time visibility for your team during all phases of the service contract lifecycle (Contract Management).



Sell-2-Service Business Challenges

  • Customers are engaging sellers later in the buying process and expecting more sophistication
  • Manual product configuration adds time to the sales process and jeopardizes deals which in turn limits forecasting and pipeline visibility
  • Having an elaborate and easy to use configuration tool for customers or sales representatives
  • Contract Management on different levels and in different countries
  • Data interchange from CRM tool to contract
  • Implementing Capable-to-Promise (CTP)


Critical Success Factors

  • The ability to manage the customer relationship and the revenue cycle really depends on your ability to effectively manage the contract cycle.
  • CPQ allows companies that sell engineer-­‐to-­‐order, configure-­‐to-­‐order, or assemble-­‐to-­‐order products to manage the multitude of options once they are created.


Achieved Results with PearlChain

  • Post-sale your entire organization – finance, customer care, engineering, and field service – in complete visibility to the install base and contracts with detailed up-to-date information on entitlements, service history and billing. 
  • PearlChain’s end-to-end approach eliminates blind spots, streamlines operations and improves profitability.
  • Interactive simulation reflecting the effects of different scenario's on the entire value chain in real‐time. This enables decision making as the end results can be compared immediately
  • Best in class companies use CPQ to design products with a set of components that can be assembled in multiple ways,making operations leaner as a whole, lowering costs, and keeping cycles shorter.


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