Manufacturing Execution System

PearlChain's MES helps diverse manufacturing companies of discrete, process and food products to make optimal decisions based on one set of real-time data. 

PearlChain MES works as a communicator between the upper administrative layer and the automation layer. We plan and schedule the business processes using enriched master data and specific business rules, with a focus on the Value Adding activities of your business.



Manufacturing Business Challenges

  • Every department has their own data. This way decisions on top level are sometimes made with suboptimal data. Therefore, one single source of truth is crucial
  • To cut costs and find bottlenecks, the operation costs need to be more acurate
  • Unexpected downtimes and an overload of inventory cost a lot of money


Critical Success factor

  • Translation between upper administrative level and automation layer as key to ensure one single source of truth
  • Availability of collaborative, integrated real-time planning and scheduling across all internal departments and suppliers
  • Use of multi-enterprise, “control tower” planning with suppliers and distributors
  • Integration with disparate systems


Achieved Results with PearlChain

  • Instant visibility into your orders, supply chain, and work centers enabling you to plan and schedule in Real‐Time.
  • One single source of truth
  • Reduction of inventory by 30% in Work in Progress and 20% in finished goods
  • Closed-loop supply chain empowering machine learning
  • 30% shorter lead times and thus longer shelf lives as some materials arrive at the production site not longer than 4 hours before being used in production
  • Capable-to-Promise (CTP) towards customers installed
  • Products can be Track&Traced forwards and backwards in minutes, knowing for example from which batch a certain finished product is coming or all finished products a certain raw material is used in


Customer Cases


Case Soudal
Case United Petfood
Case coffeeRoots