Machine Maintenance

PearlChain's experience in multi-‐level maintenance spans diverse sectors.Our Machine Maintenance solution is proven in Ship Management as well as at KONE, an international company which produces, sells and services elevators and escalators


Business Challenge

Benefits and capabilities to conquer this business challenge:

  • Remote condition monitoring for preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics
  • Configuration management
  • Modification procedures
  • Track & trace of spare parts
  • Technician information matrix: detailed overview of skills, material on board, location and tasks completed

Unique Capabilities

  • A large number of equipment and associated data
  • Very long product lifecycles
  • The mass transit system: very expensive repairables with a limited number of spares available, functioning on an optimized number of large equipment so the logistics around those equipment need to be optimal.


  • Automatic replenishment between warehouses and automatic startup ofmaintenancework orders.
  • Multilevel maintenance
  • Installation of push and pull system in the warehouses as the broken repairable is pushed together with thework requests and work orders in the central repair shop and repaired equipment is pulled from the central work shops.
  • Extremely fast response time in case of incident as no human reporting is necessary so the problem is visible as soon as it appears.
  • Preventive maintenance: the equipment sends out a signal as soon as the issue occurs, so it can be paused remotely immediately to prevent further damage
  • Parts lifecycle management: the software signals when the configuration is complete andwhich parts the technicians need to replace/repair.



Customer Cases 

Emar Case