Inbound Logistics 

Our Inbound Logistics solution is used at multiple automotive assembly companies since 1989. PearlChain has helped assembly companies to upper their throughput, while lowering working capital using the PearlChain inbound logistics concept and the concept of Warehouse-on-Wheels.


Assembly Challenges

  • Parts cover more and more distance to the assembly line and are coming from more diverse suppliers
  • Parts have to flow in a reliable stream
  • Multiple products are to be made on one assembly line
  • Cost reductions are key to being more competitive
  • Having an overall view on all assembly plants / lines on one screen is crucial


Critical Success factors

  • Availability of collaborative, integrated real-time planning and scheduling across all internal departments and suppliers
  • Use of multi-enterprise, “control tower” planning with suppliers and distributors
  • Integration with disparate systems


Achieved Results with PearlChain

  • 50% Working Capital reduction achieved at VDL Nedcar
  • Reduction of stock with the introduction of Warehouse-on-Wheels, using Full Truck Loads (FTL) algorithms for both JIT and JIS parts
  • Combination of JIT, JIS and SILS parts in the same material flow / truck
  • Trucks throughput per day in MAN Munich increased with 65%
  • MAN Trucks configures new logistics PearlChains independently in 7 plants


Customer Cases


Case VDL Nedcar
Case MAN