The construction industry faces many challenges today, forcing businesses to look for alternative ways to lower operational costs and improve supply chain efficiency. On the one hand construction is industrializing, while on the other hand an increase in customer flexibility is asked. This complexity arises the need for integrated real-time software solutions.

PearlChain implements a Construction solution that centers all data inside the BIM structure and manages to take real-time planning, pricing and scheduling out of this BIM.


Construction Challenges

  • Delivering what was promised to the customer optimizing your KPI's
  • Better visibility on the planning horizon.
  • Achieving Capability-to-¨Promise (CTP): create offers based on available capacity
  • Downsizing stock to near elimination levels


Critical Success Factors

  • Changing the mindset: from firefighting to proactive planning
  • Meticulous project follow up: every change in the project is immediately communicated to all stakeholders
  • Dynamic use of capabilities


Achieved Results with PearlChain

  • Automating the planning and steering
  • End‐to‐end visibility of all projects with detailed views in a complex environment spanning months to years
  • Interactive simulation reflecting the effects of different scenario's on the entire value chain in real‐time. This enables decision making as the end results can be compared immediately
  • End-­‐to-­‐end solution with "plug & play" connection to third parties (for instance via EDI) with additional programs (e.g. connection to existing payroll and track & trace) in function of customer environment
  • Automated progress reports with full editing capabilities
  • Materials requirements planning and Capacity requirements planning in finite capacity
  • Visual representation of all statuses across all levels (dashboard)


Customer Cases

Willemen Groep
Case Fortron