Case Transcor:


Bunkering and delivery of fuel and marine gasoil

Sven Poelmans: "Astra Transcor Energy is a fast-growing company. We are active in the bunkering and delivery of fuel and marine gasoil to ocean liners on the ARA axis, between Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. As the vessels come into the harbour to have their cargo handled, our barges come alongside to top up their fuel or marine gasoil.

Over the last five years our fleet has expanded to include 7 barges. With over 500 fuel deliveries per month in a 24/7 schedule, you can imagine the complexity in keeping everything well-managed. When our existing IT infrastructure started to fall short, we selected a partner.

All aspects of our business reality are modeled in the PearlChain Solution, creating a dashboard to manage our highly complex environment in real-time.

PearlChain supports our growth by fully automating sales and delivery management in our administration, invoicing and credit management as well as of the complete planning of our barges.

As the daily operations are fully under control, we can devote our time to the optimal service of our customers.

The marine environment is a constantly moving picture, anything can happen and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. PearlChain's real-time information enables us to proactively change course where necessary. We also use the PearlChain solution to create "what if" scenarios, as the software immediately shows the repercussions of possible alternatives.

In a close-knit community like the naval world, service and quality are absolutely key. This is one of the reasons we selected PearlChain as our partner - we appreciate their low profile, the direct communication and especially their no-nonsense approach. Real value and content is where it's at for us, we're not into frilly marketing. "