Case Soudal: Closed Loop Logistics


Achievements Today

  • Installation of a dynamic, real-time planning and execution software solution that operates within the context of finite capacity.
    • Significant decrease in both WIP and FG inventory
    • Purchasing plan communicated through orders 
    • Alerting (too early/too late)
    • Weekly forecast (volumes)
    • Implemented a Capable-to-Promise (CTP)
Achievements in the Future
  • Extend Staging Logic
  • Share production plans
  • Soudal is the nr 1 independent foam and sealants manufacturer in the world
  • Production of 160 million cartridges sealants and adhesives in 2013
  • Soudal has 13 production units on 4 continents employing more than 2.000 people
  • All technologies and all sizes