Case MAN Trucks:



MAN Nutzfahrzeuge Challenges

  • Each truck is a unique combination of customer demands, containing up to 3000 individual parts
  • Need to reduce the stock in three sites
  • Wanted to introduce Just-in-Sequence (JIS) as Just-in-Time (JIT) still caused too much stock accumulation


Critical Success factors for MAN Nutzfahrzeuge

  • Optimal match of logistic flow of parts with production flow
  • Implementation of the PearlChain-concept
    • Integration of the value chain
    • Flow-based production planning and ordering
  • Online communication with partners
    • Always the newest information available
    • Integrated Supply Chain Planning


Achieved Results

  • 20% - 50% stock reduction and decreased transport costs
  • Warehouse repurposed to production hall
  • 10 million euro per year added value
  • Use of flow techniques instead of stock parameters results in strict alignment of the supply chain with the production planning.
  • Production of 100.000 trucks per year
  • Gain of 37 euro per truck
  • Factories in Munich, Salsgitter (Germany) and Krakau (Poland)
  • Munich site could not expand due to local constrictions, solved by repurposing warehouse to production.
  • Customer since 2004.