Our history

PearlChain has its roots in the automotive world. Frustrated by the suboptimal solutions available on the market, PearlChain developed a model which brought back economic and ecologic value previously lost by eliminating superfluous warehousing, transports and waste, rather than by pushing harder on the suppliers.


The 27th of July 2004, PearlChain started with a concept which was successfully installed at NedCar. The basis of the PearlChain Solution was established and over the course of ten more projects in widely different sectors such as textile, production, chemicals, food and education, PearlChain has further generalised and extended the basic components so they are applicable to general principles.


PearlChain’s vision is disruptive and proposes a collaborative model which enables the customer to look at the entire value chain rather than inwards at the own organisation.


Using the same technology and the same release, updated in realtime, PearlChain provides all customers with their own unique model.


Below is an overview of how our solution took shape as it proved its value over the course of many projects in a variety of sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, food, textile and services.

PearlChain History 2-1.jpg