PearlChain offers the only real-time ERP solution.

Finally an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that combines planning and execution in real-time. A GPS for your company to steer the way you work as well as your people, machines and materials.

You manage your most important processes from A to Z, looking beyond the classic company borders. Direct integration with your customers, partners and suppliers, even machines, is of vital importance. 

The PearlChain solution is a single total software solution, a combination of proven software and a model tailored to your company. With PearlChain, you model your processes in an individually adaptable model that takes shape according to your vision, not the other way around. The model connects the available data from your existing data sources with those of your partners. This way it enriches your existing data and creates new connections and insights.

Thanks to the modelling technique, you can maintain, update and expand your own model. You are in the driver’s seat of your business reality as your own people execute any updates quickly and flexibly, supported by PearlChain when necessary. 

The customer demand drives all actions. From the moment of sales, PearlChain calculates all flows in real-time and connects them, from procurement to execution and billing. Every customer order is a unique Pearl with its optimal place in the Chain.

Your require actionable insights and operations that keep themselves on the optimal path, based on your parameters. This is the GPS: the constant recalculation behind the screens, indicating a new route only when this is worthwhile according to your predefined criteria.

The real-time capability sets us apart from the other players in the market. PearlChain was conceived this century, alongside computers powerful enough to process millions of datapoints at once. To really harness this power requires a different approach from the batch oriented way of the past.

The approach with a single solution consisting of generic software and your unique model explains how PearlChain can offer this the most inexpensively of the market. The PearlChain solution offers all the benefits of a tailor-made solution, without the costs and setbacks involved in new development. As a Belgian company with over ten years of experience, PearlChain is a proven value with references in a wide range of sectors.

One single solution connecting all relevant datasources to use them when necessary. No data scatter, no digital plumbing, no delays but real integration. The system works as one, not as a collection of modules. The availability of the right data at the right spot immediately shortens the lead time, supports correct decisions based on accurate information and introduces agility in your network as all parties collaborate as one.