PearlChain's USPs


PearlChain offers the only Real-Time Operational Technology Software Solution


An Enterprise Resource Planning software solution that truly combines planning and execution through Real-Time Scheduling. A GPS for your business to steer the way you work according to your goals.

We focus on the Added Value of your business processes, taking into account the real-time capacities of people, machines and materials.


PearlChain: Industry 4.0 enabling Software


The PearlChain philosophy consists of 7 Unique Selling Propositions

Why do our customers choose the PearlChain software over other providers?
7 unique reasons are outlined below.


Optimize value adding business processes in your Industry

Planning & Scheduling is crucial in all industries, but different industries require a different kind of expertise. Benefit from our industry specific knowledge through our proven solutions in following industries:


Automotive / Assembly 



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Services (Configure-Price-Quote)




PearlChain offers a multitude of Software Solutions

Focusing on the real Value Adding Core activities of your business,
from sales to planning / execution of operations and fulfillment to billing
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